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Field Knives


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Useful in the field or just for everyday carry, these knifes are guaranteed to be performers for generations.  All field knives include a handmade sheath dyed to accentuate the handle material.


Kitchen Knives


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Made from super thin high carbon steel, our kitchen knives will hold and take a lovely edge.  With minimal care these fine pieces of cutlery will last a lifetime.


Upcoming Events


- Nelson Farmers Market - Every Saturday 8am-noon

- The Crozet Arts and Crafts Festivall - May 7th & 8th

- 2016 Self Reliance in the Valley Expo - Sept. 17th

- Virginia Garlic Festival - Oct. 8-9th 2016



Our Mission


Karma Blades are made to the maker’s highest standards of both utility and beauty.  Every stage of the creative process- forging, heat-treating, grinding, assembling, sanding and finishing- is done by hand in Lovingston, Virginia, making your blade an excellent companion in the field or kitchen.  We take pride in the construction of our knives and guarantee you’ll take pride in owning and using them.